The Curie Museum

The Curie Museum is the guardian of Marie Curie’s legacy, a place of memories and a repository of the history of science. It has a permanent exhibition and a center for historical resources.

Help the museum pass on its universal heritage to future generations 

INVEST in human resources, technology and programs to enhance the performance of the Marie Curie’s Museum.

Funding goal: USD 500K

Open to the public four days a week, the Curie Museum offers a journey through time and science. Kids and adults can enjoy a free tour of the permanent exhibition.

Our goal is now to open 5 days a week, plus extra hours at night to offer a full range of educational activities for all ages.

Project includes

  1. Recruitment, for 5 years, of trained staff available to inform an increasing number of visitors and open the museum for extended hours
  2. Production of the Museum’s next 4 exhibitions for adults and children, and special tour for schools
  3. Installation of Multimedia terminals to give access to the scientific and personal archive of Marie Curie

Preserve Marie Curie’s scientific archives and laboratory

Funding goals for the preservation of the archives: USD 500K for 5 years

Funding goals for the renovation of her laboratory and office : USD 150K

Marie Curie’s scientific Archive

The Curie Museum Historical Resources Center, created in 2003, houses archives, ancient news-papers, pictures, films and original documents about the history of Pierre and Marie Curie, of Frédéric and Irène Joliot-Curie, of the lnstitut Curie.

Project includes

1-Creation and maintenance of a digital database including more than 5500 original photographs, a rich scientific heritage and, through the personal and professional life of the family with five Nobel Prizes, the history of radioactivity and of the fight against cancer.

2- Recruitment, for 5 years, of highly skilled staff members to manage daily access to the museum archives for journalists, scientists, and students worldwide.

Marie Curie’s laboratory and office

Complete renovation of Marie Curie’s laboratory and office as it was in the 19th century: laboratory bench, measuring instruments, Marie Curie’s desk and chair etc.